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Large group of Microbiology and Immunology PhDs in December graduation

Posted by on 18 December 2017 | Comments

An unusually large group of 9 PhD graduands were among the cohort of Microbiology and Immunology students graduating this December, demonstrating the department's excellence in postgraduate study. Congratulations to all those who celebrated their graduation over the course of the last week.


Megha Budhwani, Rachel Darnell, Braeden Donaldson, Kiel Hards, Leila Nicholson, Samuel Norton, Adrian Patterson, Md Samad (in absentia), Saeed Sharif


Shekufah Nazari, Ashley Nutsford, Shirley Shen (in absentia)


Kit Moloney-Geany (in absentia), Keanan Sylvester (in absentia), Daiki Teramura


Alice-Roza Eruera, Hannah Goy, Lucy Huang (in absentia), Rowena Rushton-Green (in absentia), Thomas Williams

BBiomedSc(Hons) INIM

Douglas Gaskarth (in absentia), Claudia Lewis


Amal Abdullahi (in absentia), Tamara Boon-Harris, Charlotte Cairns, Anthena Cao, Finn Dusterwald, Olivia Ferguson (in absentia), Joshua Halpin, Hei Tung Kong (in absentia), Tessa McBride, Geena McKenzie-Goldsmith, Charlotte Newnham, Olivia Peckham (in absentia), Afreen Saeed, Bridget Sayer, Jehosua Singh, Sarah Situ, Shantel Smith, Tayla Stott, Mena Toma-Asiasiau, Stephanie Trickey, Reema Waly, Dorothy Wei (in absentia), Verlyn Yeo

BBiomedSc INIM

Fauzia Amalia, Kathleen Bergonia, Eleanor Burgess, Julia Conway, Roche De Bruin, Jessica Harte, Yvette Johnson, Emily Pereira, Pilar Robinson Gonzalez, Tabatha Roman, Vaughn Ticar, Su Yu Jaclynn Yap

graduation group December 2017

Some of the PhD students who attended Saturday's graduation ceremony, with senior members of the department.
From L to R: Adrian Patterson (PhD), Kiel Hards (PhD), Professor Vernon Ward (Dean of the School of Biomedical Sciences), Leila Nicholson (PhD), Saeed Sharif (PhD), Dr Stephen Fleming, Professor Clive Ronson (Microbiology and Immunology Head of Department).