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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

MICR 463: Trends in Microbiology

Second Semester - 20 points

Course prescription

Microbiology and Immunology staff are experts in a wide array of topics across their field. This tutorial-based paper explores diverse hot topics that reflect the active research interests of the presenting staff. You will develop in-depth knowledge of current issues, as well as critical analysis skills through the discussion of research literature. The tutorial format will provide you with the opportunity to work in small groups and develop oral presentation skills.

Course overview

test tubes

Module 1: An engineered approach to the production of biofuels

Dr Robin Simmonds

Module 2: Principles of bacteriophage structural organisation

Dr Mihnea Bostina

Module 3: Host factors involved in virus replication

Dr Matloob Husain

Module 4: Molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis

Dr Xochitl Morgan

Module 5: Emerging fields in microbial ecology

Dr Sergio Morales

Lecture course overview

MICR 463 is a tutorial-based paper. The paper consists of five modules, with each module comprised of two tutorials. In the first tutorial an overview of the topic is considered. In the second tutorial the students take the major role, e.g. presentation of papers pertinent to the topic.


  1. A 20-minute oral exam (25%), held in the last week of September or the first week of October
  2. A 3-hour final exam (75%)

Teaching staff

For more information

View the details of this paper on the University of Otago website

Students are encouraged to contact staff by email to make arrangements for a time to discuss course-related matters.

For more information on this course, please contact Dr Xochitl Morgan.