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GENE 221: Molecular and Microbial Genetics

First Semester - 18 points

Course overview

Mutations; genetic analysis in bacteria; mobile genetic elements; genetic analysis of regulatory circuits; DNA cloning and sequencing in genetic analysis; comparative microbial genomics; genetics and evolution of viruses of eukaryotes.

GENE 221 provides foundation material on molecular and microbial genetics. Topics include mutation, gene transfer and genetic analysis in bacteria, DNA cloning and comparative genomics of bacteria, fungi and the HIV retrovirus. Discoveries and methodologies in microbial genetics underlie all aspects of modern biology, and therefore, this paper is directly relevant for students with an interest in any of the biological sciences. The lecture course is complemented by a laboratory course that includes four experiments that together give hands-on experience of many of the genetic principles that are discussed in the lectures.

Teaching staff

For more information

For the full content of the course, see the GENE 221 course page on the University of Otago website.

Students are encouraged to contact staff by email to make arrangements for a time to discuss course-related matters.

For more information on this course, please contact Phage-host interactions (Phi) laboratory - Professor Peter Fineran.