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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

Dr Jemma Geoghegan

Current research:

My research involves using metagenomics to reveal the diversity, structure and evolution of the virosphere; examining the evolution of major viral infections; and developing new analytical and computational approaches to analyse aspects of virus evolution. 

Research interests: 

I am an evolutionary biologist and virologist with a strong research focus on emerging infectious disease. My research focuses on determining the fundamental patterns and processes of viral evolution, ecology and emergence. 



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Book chapters:

Geoghegan JL, Holmes EC. 2020. Chapter 1: Virus Evolution. Fields Virology, Emerging Viruses. 

Geoghegan JL. 2014. Transgenerational epigenetics (edited by Trygve Tollefsbol). Chapter 15: Inheritance of epigenome variants across generations and its implications on the emergence of phenotypic novelties during evolution. Elsevier.