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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

Research overview


Our internationally recognised researchers and their teams are investigating areas central to microbiology, both fundamental and applied. Diverse techniques spanning genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry are used to understand the environmental role of microbes, host-microbe interactions that underpin both beneficial and disease processes in plants and animals, and to develop new biotechnologies.


Our department hosts a community of research groups involved in the study of a wide range of topics, from fundamental immunology and applied research on clinical and veterinary biomarkers through to vaccine development. Our research staff and students are experts in immunology, cell biology, blood and lymphatic systems.


We have a vibrant virology community undertaking both basic and applied virology. Understanding virus-host interactions, engineering vaccines, the discovery of virus-derived bioactive molecules and identification of targets for antivirals are all key research areas. Our successful and active virology groups are supported by a collegial approach to research that benefits both staff and students.