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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

Professor Bruce Russell

Current research:

Malaria      Cryptosporidium     

Vivax Malaria (or Relapsing Malaria) is the most widely distributed, difficult to diagnose and treat cause of human malaria. 

Our laboratory focuses in of the biology of the parasite Plasmodium vivax (the cause of vivax malaria) and how we can kill it using therapeutics or vaccinations.

To do this we have developed key ex vivo tools and methods to examine P. vivax drug susceptibility and reticulocyte invasion. These methods are optimised for use in malaria endemic regions. We also utilise a continuous culture of P. cynomolgi (an excellent model of P. vivax) to study the molecular mechanisms underlying P. vivax pathobiology.

In addition to vivax malaria we also contend research into the biology and epidemiology of protozoal parasites of importance to human health in New Zealand.

Key laboratory activities


  • Developing effective medical products (antimalarials and antiprotozoal drugs) and research tools (diagnostic and surveillance) for resource poor locations with the view to control vector borne diseases such as malaria and dengue; as well as other parasitic diseases of importance to human health.
  • Better understanding the pathobiology, antimalarial sensitivity profiles and Epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax and other important primate malarias (P. cynomolgi, P. knowlesi and P. coatneyi)
  • Detailed studies of the biomechanical, cytoadhesive and nanostructure changes to red blood cell pre and post Plasmodium spp. infection

2. CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS (Team Leader Dr Remy Muhsin)

  • Fundamental biology of Cryptosporidium spp.
  • Cryptosporidiosis drug discovery and development 


Parasitology Lab 2021


Current group members

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Professor Bruce Russell
Principal Investigator
Office: +64 3 479 7082


 Post Doctoral Staff





Dr Noi Suwanarusk
Research Fellow
Parasitology Lab Manager



Dr Remy Muhsin
Postdoctoral Fellow
Head of Cryptosporidium Team



Postgraduate students


Bridget 1

Jessica Matheson
PhD student (Malaria)
Bridget Lamont
PhD student (Cryptosporidium)





Laura Saywell 
BSci(Hons) student
Nik Vasilic 
BBioMed (Hons) Student




Recent publications (2015-2019)

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