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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

Research seminars and colloquia

Seminar Schedule 2020

Seminars are held at 12pm in Room 208 of the Microbiology Building, 720 Cumberland St.

At this stage, seminars may be subject to change.

See latest news and events for more detail about the next upcoming seminar.





Chairperson & Journal Club


 Sem 2:          
To be announced   Leah Smith  Fineran Lab P Fineran  
To be announced  

Alex McLellan

Micro H Aung  
TBA   Cara Adolph Cook Lab G Cook  

Postgraduate Research Colloquia and Journal Club Schedule 2020

Senior students (> 1 year) are asked to do a 20-25 min presentation, including question time. The sessions are meant to be relatively informal, so please describe both problematic and triumphal aspects of your current research as well as a brief introduction to assist a general audience.

Once a month there are sessions of 3 novice students (< 1 year) giving a 15 min presentation, including question time. Since their research might be in a premature state at this point, they are just asked to briefly present a big picture of their topic, how amazing studying and finding this will be as well as their future plans. Any preliminary data they might have obtained so far is more than welcome.

Once a month we have kept a spot for super cool sessions such as workshops (paper writing, gran writing or applying for jobs), lightning session or discussion panel kindly directed by one of our staff members.

Any changes in the schedule will have to be made through Jennifer. Speakers need to make necessary arrangements to find the swap and ensure their spots are covered by another speaker.

Date PG Speaker 1 PG Speaker 2 Speaker 3

Chair & Title Session

Sem 1: