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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

Research seminars and colloquia

Seminar Schedule 2019

Seminars are held at 12pm in Room 208 of the Microbiology Building, 720 Cumberland St.

At this stage, seminars may be subject to change.

See latest news and events for more detail about the next upcoming seminar.





Chairperson & Journal Club


8 July 12:00

Assoc. Prof. Merilyn Hibma

Pathology, DSM Husain  
9 July 1:00pm Tuesday  Dr Felix Marsh-Wakefield Uni of Sydney, Australia Kemp Special Seminar
15 July 12:00 Prof. Craig Cary Uni of Waikato Morales  
22 July 12:00

Prof. Lars Jeuken

5 Aug 12:00

Joshua Lange

Malaghan Inst. of Medical Research    
12 Aug 12:00

Susie Wood

20 Aug Tues ?

Nadishka Jayawardena

 Otago  Bostina Special Seminar
2 Sept 12:00

Henry Galvin

Micro Otago Cook  
9 Sept 12:00

Zoe Williams

Micro Otago  Husain  
11 Sept 4:00pm Wed  Juliet  Chief Science Advisor   Special Seminar
16 Sept 12:00

Mariya Yevstigneyeva

 Micro Otago  Fineran  
23 Sept 12:00

Craig Anderson

30 Sept 12:00

Brin Ryder

Micro Otago Kirman  
7 Oct 12:00

Lucia Malone

Micro Otago Fineran  
2 Dec 12:00

Alice McSweeney

Micro Otago Ward  

Postgraduate Research Colloquia and Journal Club Schedule 2019

Research Colloquia will be held in Room 208, starting at 12pm. The Chair will give a journal club presentation after the student presentation. Colloquia speakers should aim to finish by 12.30pm including question time.

The sessions are meant to be relatively informal so please describe both problematic and triumphal aspects of your current research as well as a brief introduction to assist a general audience.




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Scott Lockwood

Alice Eruera

Syaliny Ganasamurthy

Hannah Goy

Jess Wenley

Cara Adolph

Sp PG Seminar at 12:00

Farjana Ahmed

Hamish Angus

Ali Hosseini Rad

Calum Morris

Sp PG Seminar at 4:00pm

Nichaela Harbison-Price

Jessica Ong

Gaurav Chandra Gyanwali

Nils Birkholz

Benjamin Perry

Issuri Umaya Hapuarachchi

Gemma Laws

Grace (Min Yi) Tan

Kurt Ward

Aroa Rey Campa

Leah Smith

Thilina Herath

Sven Tobias-Hunefeldt

Serena Tijoriwalla

Chairperson & Journal Club



Miguel Quinones-Mateu

M Husain

B Russell


J Ussher

X Morgan


Paolo Urbana

Robert Fagerland

 Htin Aung

 Yoshio Nakatani



P Fineran

S Ferguson

A McLellan

Luis Munoz

Scott Lawrence


M Bostina

S Jackson

Remy Muhsin


M McConnell

Roman Mortuza


G Cook