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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

Research seminars and colloquia

Seminar Schedule 2023

Seminars are held at 1pm in Room BIG13 of the Biochemistry Bldg, Science 1, 710 Cumberland St.

At this stage, seminars may be subject to change.

See latest news and events for more detail about the next upcoming seminar.






 Sem 1:        
10 April Mid Semester Break      
1 May 1:00pm Dr Matthias Fellner   Micro Hercus Fellow  
8 May 1:00pm Dr Safina Gadeock Micro & Immuno  
15 May 1:00pm Dr Charlene Rapsey Psychological Medicine  
22 May 1:00pm Dr Thilina Herath Micro & Immuno  
29 May 1:00pm Dr Jaydee Cabral Micro & Immuno  
 5 June King's Birthday   Micro  Immuno
12 June 1:00pm Prof. Roslyn Kemp Micro & Immuno    
19 June 1:00pm Prof. Bruce Russell Micro & Immuno  
26 June 1.00 pm Prof Merilyn Hibma Pathology  
3 July 1:00pm Prof. Iain Lamont Biochem  
10 July 1:00pm Assoc. Prof. Jemma Geoghegan Micro & Immuno    
12 July 12 Noon Assoc Prof Xin Luo Virginia Tech Room 208
17 July 1:00pm Dr Sue McAllister Social & Preventative Medicine    
24 July 1:00pm Dr Nils Birkholz Micro & Immuno  
31 July 1:00pm Dr Tusha Saha Micro & Immuno/School of Pharmacy    
7 August 1:00pm Dr David Mayo Munoz Micro & Immuno    
 14 August 1:00pm  Michael Knapp  Anatomy    
28 August Mid Semester Break        
4 Sept 1:00pm Dr Silke Neumann  Pathology Dept    
11 Sept 1:00pm Assoc. Prof. Matloob Husain Micro & Immuno    
18 Sept 1:00pm Assoc. Prof. Crid Fraser Marine Science    
25 Sept 1:00pm Dr. Naomi Daniels Micro & Immuno    
2 October 1.00 pm Prof Joel Tyndall Pharmacy  
9 October 1:00pm Prof. James Ussher Micro & Immuno    
16 October 1:00pm Dr Chase L.Beisel Uni of Wurzburg Germany  
23 October Labour Day        
30 October 1:00pm Prof Rose Richards Va'a o Tautai (Centre for Pacific Health)   
6 Nov 1:00pm Prof. Michelle Glass Pharmacology    
13 Nov 1:00pm  Prof. Richard Cannon Dentistry    
20 Nov 1.00pm Assoc Prof Lyn Wise Pharmacology  

Postgraduate Research Colloquia Talks Schedule 2023

The colloquia talks are held on Fridays at 1pm in Room 208. PG students are required to take part in a colloquia once a year. Speakers who are scheduled to talk are expected to give a 15-min talk with 5-mins for questions (time will be kept by a PG rep). Speakers need to stick to their allotted time, including question time.  Question time priority is first given to students then the wider department. The sessions are intended to be relatively informal with descriptions of both problematic and triumphal aspects of current research, as well as a brief introduction to assist a general audience's understanding of the project.  Attendance at colloquia is compulsory for PG students.  The PG reps will coordinate the organisation of these colloquia talks.

Date PG Speaker 1 PG Speaker 2

Chair & Title Session

28 April Workshop   TBC
5 May James Hodgkinson-Bean Kate Harding  
12 May Nick Jadav Marina Mahler  
19 May Workshop   TBC
26 May Natalie Kyte Nicholas Yang  
2 June Douglas Gaskarth Lena Cassin