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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

Research seminars and colloquia

Seminar schedule 2018

Seminars are held at 12pm in Room 208 of the Microbiology Building, 720 Cumberland St.

At this stage, seminars may be subject to change.

See latest news and events for more detail about the next upcoming seminar.





Chairperson & Journal Club


18 Oct Thurs 12:00, Maths Bldg, Rm 314
Professor John Ernst NYU Dr Joanna Kirman Special date
19 Nov Mon at 12:00 Biochem, Rm 231 Prof. Laurent Renia Singapore Dr Bruce Russell  
6 Dec Thurs Susan Lea Oxford Dr Mihnea Bostina Nano Series

Postgraduate Research Colloquia and Journal Club schedule 2018

Research Colloquia will be held in Room 208, starting at 12pm. The Chair will give a journal club presentation after the student presentation. Colloquia speakers should aim to finish by 12.30pm including question time.

The sessions are meant to be relatively informal so please describe both problematic and triumphal aspects of your current research as well as a brief introduction to assist a general audience.



Chairperson & journal club

17 Oct to 10 Nov  Exams


 24 October Aarati Poudel Laura Burga
 31 October Julia Leman Yafei Liu
November 7 Aleece Andrews and Alex Krause No JC
November 14 Cormac McCarthy and Essie Van Zuylen No JC