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MICR 360: Research Perspectives

Full Year - 18 points

Course prescription

equipmentMICR 360 will introduce you to the world of research.  You will be taught how to analyse work published by other scientists and how to present scientific research in both written and oral formats.  You will be challenged to think critically.   

MICR 360 is ideal for those students intending to move into postgraduate degrees in Microbiology and Immunology, and will prepare you for the tutorial-based fourth-year course work.

The paper is divided into four modules, each covering a different research area in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology: Molecular Microbiology, Virology, Immunology and Critical Analysis in Microbiology.

Entry requires Head of Department approval. Generally B grades in 200-level Microbiology and Immunology papers would be regarded as a minimum level for entry.

Course overview

MICR 360 is a tutorial-based paper.

In 2017, these will include modules on Immunology, Virology, Molecular Microbiology and Critical Analysis in Microbiology.  Tutorials will familiarise you with scientific papers (how to read them, how to interpret data and how to put them into context).  You will be encouraged to bring your own ideas and put them forward. 

Lecture course overview

2017 Timetable

28 Feb Ros


Module 1 - Microbial Omics

7 Mar Sergio / Xochitl

14 Mar Sergio / Xochitl

21 Mar Sergio / Xochitl

28 Mar Sergio / Xochitl

5 Apr Sergio / Xochitl assessment 


Module 2 - Molecular Microbiology

11 Apr Keith / Clive

2 May Keith / Clive

9 May Keith / Clive

16 May Keith / Clive

23 May Keith / Clive assessment


30 May Ros / Gerald research assessment - Communicating Microbiome Otago to the public


11 Jul Ros / Andrew Stats workshop


Module 3 - Immunology

18 Jul Ros / Jo

25 Jul Ros / Jo

1 Aug Ros / Jo

8 Aug Ros / Jo

15 Aug Ros / Jo assessment


22 Aug Ros / Mark research assessment - HRC Rangahau Haoura Maori Research Proposal (introduction)


Module 4 - Virology

5 Sep Steve / Matloob

12 Sep Steve / Matloob

19 Sep Steve / Matloob

26 Sep Steve / Matloob

3 Oct Steve / Matloob assessment - Oral presentation with questions


9 Oct - Research Assessment - HRC Proposal due

10 Oct Ros feedback



MICR 360 is 100% internally assessed. 60% of the assessment is on the course content (4 x 15% assessments) and 40% is on research skills learnt throughout the year ( 2 x 20% assessments). Assessments will be due at the end of each module and will be updated soon. There is no final exam.

In addition, MICR 360 students are expected to spend time in a research lab early in the second semester. More details will be provided during the tutorials.



Reading for the course will include relevant scientific papers and the reading material will be posted on Blackboard in the week prior to the tutorial.

Teaching staff

For more information

View the details of this paper on the University of Otago website

Students are encouraged to contact staff by email to make arrangements for a time to discuss course-related matters.

For more information on this course, please contact Dr Robin Simmonds or Associate Professor Roslyn Kemp.