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MICR 334: Advanced Immunology

First Semester - 18 points

Course prescription

Mechanisms of immune activation and tolerance, molecular immunology, allergy, autoimmunity, immunodeficiency, immunoendocrinology, tumour immunotherapy and transplant immunology. Tools for tumour immunotherapy, fluorescent cell sorting, lymphocyte activation, cytotoxicity and cytokine assays.

"Really great course and awesome lecturers & demonstrators!" - MICR 334 student , 2019.

Course overview

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  • Studying the immune system will enable you to understand how our bodies respond to infections, allergens, transplantation and cancer. Central to this is our understanding of how immune systems function and the application of this knowledge in these fields. A course in immunology opens up career possibilities in such fields as diverse as influenza vaccine development, cancer immunology and autoimmunity. 

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  • This course in the applied and clinical aspects of immunology will build on your fundamental knowledge of immunology. This paper is ideal if you want to explore and develop your understanding of the immune system, and investigate the application of immunology knowledge at the interface between disease and the host response to disease.




Lecture course overview

  • Comparative Immunity and Innate Immune Responses
  • Antigen Recognition and Presentation
  • Lab Preparation
  • T Cell Immunology
  • Immune Regulation
  • B Cell Immunology
  • Vaccines

Download the lecture timetable as pdf here

Lab course overview

In these labs, you will work in groups to design and carry out experiments to test T cell plasticity.  Several protocols will be provided to help you. 


  1. Laboratory skills quiz 1 (10%)
  2. Laboratory research poster (20%)
  3. Final exam (70%)

Course prerequisites

MICR 223

Recommended preparation:

MICR 221


View the details of this paper on the University of Otago website


Recommended texts:


Kuby Immunology by Thomas J. Kindt, Barbara A. Osborne, Richard A. Goldsby (6th or 7th Edition)


Teaching staff

For more information

View the details of this paper on the University of Otago website

Students are encouraged to contact staff by email to make arrangements for a time to discuss course-related matters.

For more information on this course, please contact Professor Roslyn Kemp.