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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

MICR 462: Microbiology and Immunology Research

Full Year - 20 points

Course prescription

This paper facilitates self-directed learning of key research-related skills, including oral communication of research goals and data, review of the scientific literature and critical analysis of research publications.

Course overview

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  • MICR462 is a full-year, 100% internally assessed paper that relies heavily on the principles of self-directed learning for the development of laboratory research skills. MICR462 will complement the existing thesis papers (MICR480 & MICR495).

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   Specific objectives:

  • To develop effective written communication skills
  • To keep detailed and organized laboratory records
  • To develop skills to effectively design experiments and to critically evaluate data
  • To develop organizational skills allowing efficient and productive research


  1. Two short (15 min) talks on the rationale for your research project and progress made on the project (20%)
  2. Research project-related essay (critical review of the relevant literature) (40%).
  3. Interpretive exam (30%).
  4. Lab notebook (pass/fail) (10%)


MICR462 does not use a textbook. Course readings are reviews and original papers from the literature.

Teaching staff

For more information

View the details of this paper on the University of Otago website

Students are encouraged to contact Keith Ireton by email ( to make arrangements for a time to discuss course-related matters.

For more information on this course, please contact Associate Professor Mihnea Bostina.