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Upcoming Seminar - Prof Richard D Cannon

Posted by on 2 November 2023 | Comments

1:00 pm, Monday, 13 November

Room BIG13, Ground Floor

Biochemistry Building

710 Cumberland St

Prof Richard D Cannon, Department of Oral Sciences


Electrolysed oxidising water as a denture disinfectant

Oral candidosis, caused by the yeast Candida albicans, frequently affects older people who wear dentures. The disease can be prevented by proper denture hygiene. This research investigated the suitability of electrolysed oxidising water (EOW) as a denture disinfectant. The stability of bottled neutral-pH EOW was measured over a 150-day period. The antimicrobial activity of EOW against C. albicans in liquid culture and in biofilms was determined. The effect of a simulated treatment of denture acrylic with EOW for three years on acrylic colour, roughness, flexural strength and hardness was measured. Finally, the effect of sub-inhibitory concentrations of EOW on C. albicans gene expression was investigated. EOW proved to be a promising alternative to commercial denture cleaning tablets for disinfecting dentures.