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Upcoming Seminar: Dr John Hale

Posted by on 31 May 2024 | Comments

Monday 24 June, 1.00pm · Biochemistry Seminar Room BIG13

Dr John Hale 
Chief Technology Officer for Blis Technologies

Streptococcus salivarius K12- the little bacterium that could. The Blis story- from Lab 515 to the world

Nearly 25 years ago, a discovery in Lab 515 in the Microbiology building led to the founding of the origins of probiotics for the mouth. Blis Technologies, is based on the academic career of former departmental academic Professor John Tagg (Lab 515) who identified the ability ofStreptococcus salivarius, a commensal bacterium from the human mouth to produce bacteriocins that were inhibitory against key oral pathogens. The original goal was to identify a bacterium to be developed as a probiotic to help prevent streptococcal sore throats. This quickly grew to include the use of oral probiotics to reduce halitosis, control dental diseases, prevent respiratory infections and more. This talk will present the origins of Blis and how we grew from a colony on an agar plate to become global leaders in oral probiotics-Streptococcus salivarius K12, the little bacterium that could.