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Upcoming Seminar: Dr Jerusha Bennett, Dept of Zoology

Posted by on 28 May 2024 | Comments

Monday, 10 July
Biochem BIG13


Dr Jerusha Bennett 
Te Tari Mātai Kararehe | Department of Zoology

Viewing natural systems through the parasite lens

Kia ora e te Micro Department! I am a postdoc in Zoology at Otago. I am delighted to kōrero to you soon about some research myself and others have been working on over the last few years regarding parasites and diseases of Aotearoa's aquatic animals. Parasites (specifically, parasitic helminths) have long been overlooked in various aspects of science for their 'hidden presence' in natural systems. We now know that to look to the future of our valued ecosystems, we must account for those underrepresented organisms such as parasites that are important components of such systems. I'll take you through our collaborative disease investigation pipeline and shed some light on what our research can tell us about Otepoti's coastal marine ecosystem and the animals living in it.