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SPECIAL SEMINAR: Professor Carole McArthur

Posted by on 9 September 2019 | Comments

12:00noon Monday 9th September
Room 208, 2nd floor,
Microbiology building, 
720 Cumberland Street

‘30 years HIV bioprospecting in Africa - the Role of Next Generations Sequencing and the origin of HIV in non-human primates’

Dr. Carole McArthur is an Immunologist and Physician from the University of Missouri-Kansas City who will trace the evolution and social history of HIV from its appearance in 1981, until the present.  She will discuss the development of HIV diagnostic technology, the unique obstacles, and the development of a field laboratory and TB reference lab in Cameroon.  She will describe one of the largest HIV field trials in Africa of the HIV “Determine” POC test that has become the workhorse of the developing world.  The role of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in elucidation of HIV diversity and its origin in Gorillas, Monkeys and Sooty Mangabees in the Congo Basin, will also be demonstrated.  She currently carries out HIV mother to child transmission research at HIV clinical sites in Kinshasa, at Universite Protestante au Congo, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.