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August graduands encouraged to seek "win-win" outcomes

Posted by on 22 August 2016 | Comments

Microbiology and Immunology Emeritus Professor Frank Griffin spoke to a group of around 315 graduands from a range of disciplines at the Dunedin Town Hall on Saturday, encouraging them to seek outcomes in their lives and careers that benefit both themselves and others.

He said that at times in the past, the success of a few and their ability to "win outrageously" had been based on the premise that many would lose. "I passionately believe that in the workplace, as in society in general, we must strive harder to achieve win-win outcomes," Professor Griffin emphasised. "A win-lose option is unacceptable as the loser may suffer unacceptable loss of opportunity, pride or dignity, that will result in permanent collateral damage in the future. "Always strive to achieve win-win outcomes in your life and work!" he said.

Congratulations to the BSc MICR students who were among those celebrating their graduation on Saturday:

  • Nichaela Harbison-Price (in absentia),
  • Christopher Hsien Han
  • Jehangir
  • Joseph Ryan (in absentia)
  • Patricia Siulolovao