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Fueling mycobacterial persistence

Adaptation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to hypoxia and low energy conditions

Our laboratory is focused on two fundamental aspects of Mycobacterial physiology:

1. Determining how Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other pathogenic microorganisms metabolize and generate energy in host tissues

  • What energy sources do pathogenic microorganisms use in the host?

  • What are the mechanisms that pathogenic microorganisms use to generate energy?

  • How do aerobic pathogens survive in host tissues that are hypoxic?

  • What are the signalling pathways and how are the controlled?

Recent papers:

2. Deciphering the mechanisms Mycobacterium tuberculosis uses to slow metabolism/growth in response to various environmental cues

  • How do mycobacteria uncouple metabolism from growth?

  • What role do toxin-antitoxin modules play in this process?

Group members

Dr Michael Petridis, Postdoctoral fellow,

Liam Harold, PhD Candidate,

Reuben Vercoe, PhD Candidate,

Kiel Hards, PhD candidate,

Zoe Williams, PhD candidate,

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