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Dr Jaydee Cabral

Current research:

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Her research involves an interdisciplinary approach between the Health and Basic Science divisions in the development of medical devices for biomedical applications. The culmination of this interdisciplinary network of researchers, physicians and industry partners contributed to the commercialisation of a post-surgical hydrogel for the prevention of adhesion formation in ENT surgeries, Chitogel®. She utilizes polymer synthesis, chemical and physical characterization techniques, microbiological analysis, as well as in vitro mammalian tissue culture and in vivo mouse models. Her laboratory posesses the only GeSIM 3.1 Bioscaffolder in NZ. As PI she has been awarded a Health Research Council Explorer and Lottery Health research grants to develop 3D bioprinted vascularized, regenerative 'living dressings' for the treatment of chronic wounds. She is interested in increasing biomaterial/bioink multifunctionality for the delivery of adult stem cells, among other cell types; using a variety of 3D printing techniques in order to make more in vivo-like 3D constructs for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering purposes. Her current MBIE funded Smart Ideas project is to develop a novel medical device for drug delivery to the inner ear to treat hearing loss.