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Fineran Lab March 2020


Current group members 

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Prof. Peter Fineran
Principal Investigator
Office: +64 3 479 7735
Lab: +64 3 479 8373


MG 0622aa Hannah1 SimonJ1 Picture24
Dr Rob Fagerlund - Research Fellow Dr Hannah Hampton - Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Simon Jackson - Research Fellow Dr Suzie Warring - Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture74  Picture75    
Dr Manuela Centanni - Assistant Research Fellow  Dr Sean Meaden - Research Fellow    

 Postgraduate students

 Nils  Aroa



Nils Birkholz - PhD Student Aroa Rey Campa - PhD Student Lucía Malone - PhD Student David Mayo Muñoz - PhD Student
 Picture32  Picture26



 Leighton PayneFineran Lab
Howard Maxwell - PhD Student Tess McBride - PhD Student Leah Smith - PhD Student  Leighton Payne - PhD Student
 Bridget1  Steph  placeholder male board12  
Bridget Fellows - MSc Student Stephanie Trickey - MSc Student  Marijn Ceelens - Visiting MSc Student  



 Natalie  Hazel  Thomas
Kotaro Kamata - BSc (Hons) Natalie Kyte - BSc (Hons)  Hazel Sisson - BBiomedSci (Hons) 
 Thomas Ware - BSc (Hons)

Lab alumni

Post-doctoral researchers

Dr Raymond Staals, 2014-2016 (Group Leader, Wageningen University, NL)
Dr Ron Dy, 2013-2014 (currently Group Leader, University of the Phillipines)
Dr Rebekah Frampton, 2011-2012 (currently Plant and Food Research, NZ)
Dr Tamzin Gristwood, 2008-2009 (currently Oxford PharmaGenesis, UK)
Dr Matt McNeil, 2012-2013 (currently INRI, Seattle, USA)
Dr Rita Przybilski, 2010-2012 (currently University of Otago)

Research assistants

Mr James Chang, 2012 (currently University of Otago)
Mr James Clulow, 2010 (currently Nestle, Switzerland)
Ms Marina Iglesias Cans, 2009-2010 (currently Monaghan Biosciences, Ireland)
Mr Andrew McCaw, 2008-2009 (currently Monash University, Australia)
Mrs Corinda Taylor, 2012-2018 (currently LifeMatters, NZ)
Mr Max Wilkinson, 2014-2015 (currently Cambridge University, UK)

PhD students

Dr Matthew McNeil, 2009-2012 (currently INRI, Seattle, USA)
Dr Corinna Richter, 2010-2013 (currently Lund University, Sweden)
Dr Ron Dy, 2010-2013 (currently Group Leader, University of the Phillipines)
Dr Adrian Patterson, 2014-2017 (currently Kainic Medical Communications, NZ)
Dr Hannah Hampton, 2014-2018 (currently University of Otago)
Dr Bridget Watson, 2015-2018 (currently University of Otago)
Dr Mariya Yevstigneyeva, 2016-2019

MSc students

Mr Reuben Vercoe, 2010-2012 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Thomas Paterson, 2010-2013 (currently Forage Agronomist, PGG Wrightson, NZ)
Mr James Chang, 2012-2013 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Koen Semeijn, 2013 (currently University of Sheffield, UK)
Ms Anne Vogel, 2014 (currently Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway)
Mr Sebastian Kieper, 2014-2015 (currently Technical University of Delft, NL)
Mr Nils Birkholz, 2016 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Brian Tong, 2016-2018
Ms Carolin Warnecke, 2017
Mr Tim Ferguson, 2018
Mr Zacharie Parquet, 2019 (currently University of Wageningen, NL)

BSc (Hons) students

Mr James Clulow, 2009 (currently Nestle, Switzerland)
Ms Iris Chan, 2011 (currently Nursing)
Mr James Chang, 2011 (currently University of Otago)
Ms Hannah Hampton, 2013 (currently University of Otago)
Ms Rebecca McKenzie, 2013 (currently Technical University of Delft, NL)
Ms Bridget Watson, 2014 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Max Wilkinson, 2014 (currently Cambridge University, UK)
Mr Howard Maxwell, 2017 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Nick Donaldson, 2018
Ms Tess McBride, 2018 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Leighton Payne, 2019
Ms Maureen Yin, 2019

PGDipSci students

Ms Annie Huang, 2009 (currently AsureQuality, NZ)
Mr Brian Tong, 2015
Mr Tim Ferguson, 2016 (currently University of Otago)

Summer students

Mr James Clulow, 2008-2009 (currently Nestle, Switzerland)
Mr Thomas Paterson, 2009-2010 (currently Forage Agronomist, PGG Wrightson, NZ)
Ms Tahlia Whiting, 2010-2011 (currently Lincoln High School Science teacher)
Mr James Chang, 2011-2012 (currently University of Otago)
Ms Bridget Watson, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Max Wilkinson, 2013-2014 (currently Cambridge University, UK)
Ms Elizabeth Prentice, 2013-2014 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Blair Ney, 2014-2015 (currently University of Canberra, Australia)
Ms Danni Chen, 2014-2015 (currently University of Otago)
Ms Alison Morey, 2015-2016
Mr Howard Maxwell, 2016-2017 (currently University of Otago)
Mr Nick Donaldson, 2017-2018 (currently University of Otago)
Ms Maureen Yin, 2018-2019 (currently University of Otago)
Ms Tess McBride, 2018-2019 (currently University of Otago)


Ms Desiree Cossyleon, 2010 (currently Indiana University, USA)
Ms Angela Holguin Moreno, 2012 (currently University of Toronto, Canada)
Ms Elena Lopez Acedo, 2014 (Extremadura, Spain)
Mr Jacob Marogi, 2018 (Gettysberg, USA)
Ms Gisela Parmeciano Di Noto, 2018 (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Dr Luciano Rigano, 2018 (Universidad de Mendoza, Argentina; currently MPI NZ)