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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate

Dr Paulo Urbano

Current research:

During the past years, I have been working in different fields in Biomedicine. From experimental arthritis, biotechnology manufacturing processes of biological drugs and liposomes and clinical trial coordinator (Brazil) to current translational medicine, focusing in clinical immunology. I'm a specialist in flow cytometry, a tool that has been shown to be indispensable in my routine for immune profiling of patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and psoriasis and treated with anti-TNF agents (The Netherlands). I’m also interested in exploring new ways to classify diseases, where patients will be clustered and stratified based on molecular profile, rather than clinical manifestation, allowing the development of better, efficient and sophisticated treatments.

At the University of Otago, I'm studying the application of human organoids (stem cell-derived “mini-organs” in vitro) for personalised therapy. I believe that scientist must have a state in which there is overly excited restless with the questions surrounding the biology of the human condition. I’m always an enthusiastic researcher, highly motivated to contribute to the expansion of knowledge (in academia or company) with potential benefits for the society, which by the way, is the motive power that allows me to step forward for new challenges.


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