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World first augmented reality imagery on journal cover

Posted by on 30 July 2018 | Comments

A recent paper authored by Dr Mihnea Bostina features on the cover of the latest issue of the Journal of Virology, illustrated by a specially-designed augmented reality image.

Mihnea and his team worked with Dunedin's BurningFish Productions to create the image, which is believed to be the first used augmented reality image to be used on the cover of a scientific journal.

The image, which shows the structure of the Seneca Valley Virus, comes alive when viewed through a mobile device with the viewer app Peekavu. Seneca Valley Virus is a relatively recently discovered virus which specifically infects cancer cells, making it a potential cancer treatment.

“The virus replicates in the cancer cells, which burst and the released viruses infect neighbouring cells.” Dr Bostina explains. “SVV has gone through several clinical trials proving its safety and efficacy. But until recently, it was not known what gives the virus the specific cancer tropism.”

Read the article on the Otago Bulletin

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