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UPCOMING SEMINAR: Dr Henry Stephens, University College of London

Posted by on 16 February 2018 | Comments

12.00pm Friday, 16 February
Room 208
2nd floor, Microbiology Building
720 Cumberland St

Dr Henry Stephens
University College of London

Immunogenetic surveillance of infectious diseases in mainland Southeast Asia

The field of immunogenetics is focussed on understanding the structure, function and genetic diversity of human leukocyte antigens (HLA), whose primary biological role is to present antigenic peptides to the immune system.  Selective pressure by microbes on human populations has most likely generated the extreme polymorphism of the HLA genes.  Mounting evidence indicates there are strong and reproducible HLA associations with either susceptibility or natural immunity to infectious diseases, and understanding these associations has become an integral part of the design and testing of new vaccines.  Henry Stephens is a consultant clinical scientist at the Royal Free Hospital and the Anthony Nolan Laboratories in London and is a specialist in mainland SE Asian populations.  Having worked on genetic associations with infectious diseases in ethnic Thai populations, his presentation will focus on studies of HIV/AIDS and dengue in mainland SE Asia.

This seminar is kindly sponsored by: BD Biosciences