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UPCOMING SEMINAR: Dr Axel Heiser, AgResearch

Posted by on 16 October 2017 | Comments

12.00pm Monday, 16 October
Room 208
2nd floor, Microbiology Building
720 Cumberland St

Dr Axel Heiser
Senior Scientist
Animal Nutrition and Health Unit

Veterinary vaccines - obstacles, opportunities and successes

Veterinary vaccines have a major role in protecting animal and public health and welfare.  They can be very successful, as demonstrated by the near elimination of human rabies in developed countries and rinderpest having become only the second disease (after smallpox) to be globally eradicated. Also, every successful vaccination reduces the need for antibiotics. Veterinary vaccines can be developed and licensed much more quickly than human vaccines opening opportunities to develop new vaccine technologies and test novel adjuvants.  However, there are also major obstacles as for animal vaccines to effectively protect animal and public health they must be widely used, which means they must be affordable. Also, surrogate endpoints for vaccination trials are often hard to assess due to the lack of suitable reagents. All these aspects of veterinary vaccines will be discussed in context of the past and current vaccine development work of the Animal Health Team at AgResearch.

This seminar is kindly sponsored by: BD Biosciences