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Te Tari Moromoroiti me te Ārai Mate


Posted by on 2 November 2020 | Comments

12:00 Noon, Monday, 2nd November

Room 208, 2nd Floor

Microbiology Building

720 Cumberland St

 Ben Te Aika

 Vision Mātauranga Co-Ordinator, Genomics Aotearoa

‘Indigenous (Māori) Ethics’

The workshop will look to increase understanding of Matauraga Maori or Māori knowledge and knowledge systems in relation to science, Māori relationships with data and indigenous data derived works.  Consultation from a practice point of view leading to improved engagement and outcomes.  Understanding a key ethical expression of Taa Koha - an exchange of trust based responsibility and how this requires transparency, communication and mutual trust. Data sovereignty is an expression of Māori control, derived from territorial authority or Mana Whenua which is grounded in the Treaty of Waitangi.