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Students take away four awards at BMS Postgraduate Symposium

Posted by on 8 May 2017 | Comments

Microbiology and Immunology students did a fantastic job of representing the department at the 2017 annual School of Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Symposium, winning four of the awards for talks and posters.

Congratulations to our winners.

Zoe Williams (PhD, Cook Lab)

Best 15-min talk
"Next generation inhibitors to combat drug resistant Tuberculosis infections."

Zoe Williams

Brin Ryder (PhD, Kirman Lab)

Best 3-min talk
"Innate lymphoid cell response to BCG vaccination in mice."

Brin Ryder 

Julia Leman (MSc, Kemp Lab)

2nd best 3-min talk
"Identifying markers of T cell exhaustion in colorectal cancer tumours."

Julia Leman

Ginny Niemi (MSc, Kemp Lab)

2nd best poster
"Chitosan hydrogel vaccination against colorectal cancer in mouse models."

Ginny Niemi