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Microbiology and Immunology students win awards at OSMS Postgraduate Symposium

Posted by on 6 May 2016 | Comments

Students of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology took away several of the top awards at the OSMS Postgraduate Symposium yesterday, demonstrating both a high standard and a high level of departmental representation at the event.

Students talks
Second place, Hannah Hampton (Fineran Lab) - Mode of action of a widespread Type IV toxin-antitoxin phage abortive infection resistance system
Third place, Kiel Hards (Cook Lab) - Molecular side effects of the anti-tubercular therapeutic Bedaquiline

PechaKucha talks
First place, Kirsten Ward-Hartstonge (Kemp Lab) - Effector regulatory T cells are associated with disease-free survival in colorectal cancer
Second place, Shirley Shen (Kemp Lab) - Cell signalling in T cells from patients with colorectal cancer in response to IL-2 and IL-7 

Poster presentations
Second place, Sam Norton (Kemp Lab) - IL-6 impacts macrophage phenotype in human colorectal cancer

The event was held at the Otago Museum, with the poster evening held on Wednesday and a full day or talks, plus the prize-giving, yesterday evening.

Hannah HamptonKiel HardsKirsten Ward HartstongeShirley ShenSam Norton

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