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Another successful combined "Research Celebration"

Posted by on 10 December 2019 | Comments

Another successful combined ‘Research Celebration’ for Microbiology & Immunology and Biochemistry.

The winners of the 3-Min Talks and Poster Presentations are:

 3-Min Talks:

  • 1st Janet Rhodes (Micro) 2nd Megan O'Malley (Bioc) 3rd Tom Brew (Bioc)


  • Protein structure and Function: 1st - Nadishka Jayawardena (Micro) 2nd - Andrej Paluda (Bioc) 
  • Virus-Host interactions 1st - Alice Eruera (Micro) 2nd - Alice McSweeney (Micro)
  • Infectious diseases and prokaryote biology 1st - Essie Van Zuylen (Micro) 2nd - Cara Adolph (Micro)
  • Immunology and Cancer Biology 1st - Kit Moloney-Geany (Bioc) 2nd - Hamish Angus (Micro)
  • Bacteria-host interactions 1st - Gaurav Gyanwali (Micro) 2nd - Phoebe Dewar (Micro)
  • Bioinformatics and genetics 1st - Miriam Hunt (Bioc) 2nd - Ali Hosseini Rad (Micro)
  • Molecular Biology 1st - Megan Taylor (Bioc) 2nd - David Mayo Munoz (Micro)