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Cancer Grant to Immunology Student

Congratulations to Kirsten Ward-Hartstonge who has won a Brenda Shore Award for Women. This award provides Kirsten, in Ros Kemp's lab, with funding for her project "Effector Regulatory T Cells in Colorectal Cancer".

Each year the Brenda Shore Award for Women provides an excellent funding opportunity for women who are studying at postgraduate level in the natural sciences.

Brenda Shore was an enthusiastic, enterprising person famous for her energy and passion. Over the course of 35 years Brenda became a prominent figure in the University of Otago Botany Department, both as a researcher and teacher, until her retirement in 1983. Leading by example Brenda Shore established this fund to help support women who have that same passion and energy for the natural sciences, particularly where their research relates to the Otago, Southland or Antarctic region. 

Posted by Roslyn Kemp on 22/04/2014 at 12:00 AM

Microbiology & Immunology on Facebook

The Department is on Facebook!

The Microbiology and Immunology Otago group has been set up on Facebook to keep interested folks updated with current news from our department and also to share and discuss our common interests in science!

Come and join us:

Posted by Richard Carlos Torr on 11/04/2014 at 12:00 AM

New insights into bacterial immune systems revealed

New insights into a surprisingly flexible immune system present in bacteria for combating viruses and other foreign DNA invaders have been revealed by Peter Fineran and collaborators in the Netherlands.

Peter Fineran and his group are studying the genetic basis of adaptive immunity in bacteria that cause potato 'soft rot' and in E. coli bacteria. Through their recent collaboration they have found that these bacterial immune systems are much more robust and responsive than previously thought.

Their latest findings, which appear in the leading US journal PNAS, have implications for improving our understanding of bacterial evolution, including the spread of antibiotic resistance genes. For the full story click here.

Posted by Richard Carlos Torr on 10/04/2014 at 12:00 AM